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Music Challenge

Hi, Can you guess what types these instruments are? Woodwind, brass, string or percussion.




Drum kit





Cow bell

French horn











Double bass














Happy blogging! Answers will be in soon.



Writing challenge week 5

1. I looked down in disbelief, I couldn’t believe my eyes…

I am going sky diving this weekend because it is my birthday. Now all I have to do is get through school until the weekend. Finally school is over so I can go get ready. I grab my drink bottle, a snack and my money and hop in the car. We drive to the place. There aren’t many people which means there is no line. My mum and I pay for tickets and get on the plane. We have to survive a 15 minute instruction video, it feels like it will never end. As soon as the video finishes I run to the plane. My mum jogs to catch up. We board the plane but it won’t leave for another 10 minutes. The pilot attaches everything to us and the plane starts moving. It is 5 minutes until we get to the spot. We jump. We fall for a bit. We pull the string and the parachutes open up. Mine is green. I see a blue speck beneath us. It must be a lake. It is getting closer. RIP! I am caught in the tree. RIP! it comes off of me and flies away. Well they won’t get that one back. Now I’m stuck in the tree.


Thumbs up thumbs down

We were asked to order comments from best to worst.


5 Dear Tania, Your post made me think about the different ways we could get involved with blogging at our school. Thanks so much for sharing your photos. I particularly like the ones of the young students blogging with their buddies in America. I think linking with you to do a collaborative project would be a good way to start. From Tom

3 Dear Elliot I found your book review so fascinating that I am going to borrow The Giver tomorrow. It reminds me of a book I read last year called Checking Out, by David Went. I will let you know when I have finished. Has anyone else read The Giver? From Hannah

2 Dear Mrs Davis, I enjoyed watching the video about Earth Watch Day. I am going to talk to as many people in my street as I can, and ask them to participate this year. Who else is planning on turning off their power this Saturday night? I wonder if the street lights will stay on? From Terry

8 Dear Paul, I don’t understand why you think Jeremy Clarkson should be fired from BBC’s Top Gear. Surely he brings so much pleasure and money to the station that he can be forgiven for his behaviour? I would love to know what others think? From Dianne

4 I got a new dog last night his name is toby and hes sooooo cute. I cant wait to bring hi to scholl s I can show him to everywon From sally 🙂

1 Hi Ms D grate to c u r posting sum cool and gr8 stuff on our blog. Blogging is cool!!!!! Lol Cu tomorrow From penny

6 Dear Shanny, My sister is so annoying lol Shes going to grannys over easter yay yay lol gr8

7 I love your story, its really good.


This is how I think they should be ordered. Let me know if you disagree.

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200 word connective challenge

Hi this is my 200 word task. The blue words are temporal connectives and the red are causal.

I just rented a cabin for the Winter holidays. There aren’t even any ducks hogging the lake because it is frozen. I am packing my bags right now. I think I have everything. Now I can pack the car. Finally I finished so I can leave. It’s a long drive. I enter the cabin, it’s amazing. It’s so clean and neat. It’s like heaven. I’ll go to sleep now because it is getting late. Now that it is morning I am up and ready. I am going skiing today. I’m not good at it but who doesn’t like face planting in the snow? I climb up the mountain, it is a long way. OOF! I face plant in the snow and get a mouth full of ice and snow. I get up and keep going. I finally get to the top. What a view. Ooh look It’s getting closer. Hold on… I’m sliding down, AAHH! I keep sliding down. I can’t stop because it’s too slippery. CRACK! the ice starts cracking because I hit the frozen lake. SPLASH! I fall in. I rush to get out because it is freezing. Stupid ducks, now they’re all swimming in the hole. CRACK! I better get out of here.It all crashes and breaks. Guess I’m not going ice skating tomorrow.

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Country of focus – China

Hi this is my country of focus. This week we are doing China.

  1. What continent is China in? China is in the continent called Asia.
  2. What is the capital city? The capital city of China is Beijing.
  3. What hemisphere is China in? China is in the northern hemisphere.
  4. What is the population? The population of china is 1.398 billion.
  5. What is the national language? The national language is mandarin.
  6. What is the currency? There are two, yuan and renminbi.
  7. What is a connection between China and Australia? I think China used to take Australia’s recycling but they stopped.
  8. What is an interesting fact? An interesting fact is that toilet paper was invented in china.
  9. What are three countries that share a border with china? Some are Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar.


 Here is a picture of the Chinese flag.

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What I am looking forward to in year 6 blog!!

Hi, I’m Addi!

My favourite colour is yellow, my favourite animal is an elephant, my favourite food is hotdogs. My friends say I’m very crazy and weird. I like to play sport and climb trees. My best friend is 😎 Georgia😎 , so check out her blog.

I am looking forward to learning how to make my blog amazing and awesome.

Looking forward to posting more!



(I like Pumbaa and Rafiki.)